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To reveal the Glamour from within.

To deliver the Style that completes the look.


 To apply true Passion & give you the undivided attention you deserve.

Diene (pronounced Jenny) is a Brazilian hairstylist and has been living in Dubai for over two years.

Diene has full VRQ hair styling qualification from the UK's leading vocational education organisation, City & Guilds.

From her years in Rio de Janeiro, a city with its Glamorous Carnival, its relaxed way of life, and contrasting worlds of riches, she started to appreciate that true GLAMOUR comes from within. She believes that even the smallest of changes, from a  simple cut, or maybe highlights, even  a quick blow-dry can make you feel glamorous.

In her travels to  countries with such different cultures, she understands that all of us, wherever we are from, choose to show the world more about themselves through our own unique style. It doesn't matter how styles change with time, but how confidently you wear your own STYLE.

Diene's PASSION for styling began early, with  her friends and family. For her, styling is not just a job, and it's not just about getting  people through the doors. It's about the passion and personal sense of achievement that drives her to continue learning and adapting to the ever changing world of hair styling. 

A City & Guilds fully certified women's hairstylist, Diene in Dubai offers you the opportunity to have a private and personalised service in your own home, focusing all attention on you and your hair needs. 

No hassle, no traffic and no need to find parking or a babysitter!

Whether you're looking for a simple change in style, or for complete renewal, Diene in Dubai will give you the ultimate personal experience. 




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